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Central Assistance from Government of India

Ministry of Tribal Affairs,Government of India is providing central assistance to the State Government every year under following schemes-

1. Special Central Assistance (SCA) to TSP:-

SCA is provided by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs to the state Government as an additive to the state TSP. This scheme has been launched by the GOI since 1977-78 as 100 % Central Assisted scheme. This is primarily family oriented income generation scheme in sector of agriculture, horticulture, sericulture animal husbandry and co-operation. Below poverty line tribal population should alone be supported with SCA financed activities.

2. Central Assistance under Article 275(1) of the Constitution of India-

Article 275 of the constitution says- Grant from the union to certain states- (1) such sums as parliament may by law provide shall be charged on the consolidated fund of India in each year as grant in aid of the revenue of such states as parliament may determine to in the need of assistance, and different sums may be fixed for different states.

The grants are additionality to normal central assistance to the state plan. 100 % Central Assisted scheme. Strengthening the infrastructure in the sectors critical to enhancement of human development indices The funds are released for a) Specific welfare projects of the STs and b) Strengthening of administration of tribal area, c) Establishing Eklavya Model Residential Schools

3.Central Assistance for Conservation-cum Development of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal

Groups (PVTGs)-

In Maharashtra three tribes are notified as Particularly Vulnerable Tribe by Government of India .,viz, Madia(Chandrapur & Gadchiroli Dist), Katkari (Thane & Raigadh Dist) and Kolam (Yeotmal & Nanded Dist) .These groups having declining or stagnant population ,low level of literacy, pre- agricultural level of technology, remote and scattered habitats and are economically backward.

Socio economic development plans are implemented by adopting habitat development approach and intervening in all spears of their social and economic life so that their quality of their life improved. State Government prepares long term(Five Years) “conservations cum development plans” (CCD) for each PvTG .This is 100 % Central sector scheme.

The yearwise Grant in aid made available by Government of India under above schemes is as below-

Sr.No. Scheme Name Year Grants released from GOI
1 Special Central Assistance Scheme(100%) 2008-09 2500.00
2009-10 895.91
2010-11 5796.00
2011-12 7055.93
2012-13 0.00
2013-14 7728.00
2014-15 11726.18
2015-16 6700
2016-17 13121.7
2 Central Assistance under article 275 (1) of the Constitution of India (100%) 2008-09 2441.46
2009-10 2000.00
2010-11 9442.00
2011-12 10805.00
2012-13 2911.00
2013-14 12489.00
2014-15 11701.30
2015-16 13374.00
2016-17 11536.53
3 Scheme for development of primitive Tribes (100%) 2008-09 2007.98
2009-10 2007.98
2010-11 2007.98
2011-12 Nil
2012-13 Nil
2013-14 2610.00
2014-15 1900.00
2016-17 2077

4. Scheme Of Grant-In-Aid to Voluntary Organisations working for the welfare of Scheduled Tribes-

Grant in aid is made available by Government of India to enhance the reach of welfare schemes of Government and fill the gaps in service deficient tribal areas, in the sectors such as education, health, drinking water, agro-horticultural productivity, social security etc. through the efforts of voluntary organizations, and to provide an environment for socioeconomic upliftment and overall development of the Scheduled Tribes (STs). Any other innovative activity having direct impact on the socio-economic development or livelihood generation of STs may also be considered through voluntary efforts.

The State Committees shall be responsible to examine the project proposals of VOs/NGOs in accordance with the procedure/ guidelines as laid down by the Ministry on 01/04/2008.Grant in aid is made available by Government of India to these NGO/VOs.

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