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Energy Department

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd.

Special Action Plan

Electrification of non-electrified Vadi/Pade from Nandurbar District-

Details of Work Done still september 2012 under special action Plan in Nandurbar District is as belows-

Sr. No. Particular Unit Scope Achievement
1 HT Line Km. 367.7 68.38
2 LT Line Km. 392.52 191.96
3 63 KVA DTC No. 206 105
4 Villages No. 22 11
5 Vadi/ Pada No. 216 170
6 33/11 VA DTC No. -- 3
7 R & M Work of Substation No. -- 0

Total Expenditure incrreed for this works is Rs. 25.37 Crores & the expected Expenditure upto march 2013 is Rs. 10.38 Crores. Govt. Of Maharashtra has Sanctioned Rs 20.66 Crores for the year 2011-12 & have released Rs. 10.33 Crores for Special action plan in Nandurbar District for the year 2011-12. The work of placing order for Rs. 7.55 Crores is in the progress.

Sr. No. Particular Unit Scope
1 HT Line Km. 80.40
2 LT Line Km. 162.58
3 63 KVA DTC No. 58
4 Villages No. 1
5 Vadi/ Pada No. 59

The work of tenderization of balance scope is in progress

Non-conventional sources of Energy :

Regular Tribal Programme :
In this plan various non-conventional and renewable energy devices systems are distributed/installed among the tribal population for the betterment and improvement of their standard of living. MEDA is implementing this programme with financial assistance from the Government of Maharashtra. The Schemes covers 48 talukas of 12 Tribal Districts in State. Conventional and Non-conventional Energy related schemes are being implemented by MEDA with the help of Tribal Development Department notified tribal area on 100 per cent subsidy. For non-conventional sources of energy of Rs.500.00 lakhs has been provided in the financial year 2014-15.

Remote Village Electrification Programme:
The guideline of central Govt. in respect of Remote Village Electrification do not cover small villages /wadis /Padas where the population is less than 300, but there is need to electrify such villages. Therefore the scheme of Village Electrification uner the State budget has been introduced. During the year 2014-15 the scheme is proposed in 31 villages & 37 Hamlets.

Wind-Solar Hybrid System in various Ashram Shalas & Hostels
In the Tribal area of the State there are Govt. ashram Schools & Hostels. During the Period of load sheding, the studnts in the Ashram Schools are unable to study in the night time. Considering this MEDA has introduced new Scheme of installation of Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems for generation of electricity for Govt. ashram Schools & Hostels. Uner this programme it is proposed to cover 10 ashram Shalas during the year 2014-15.

Energy Saving Street Lights in Grampanchayats -
In Villages, GLS ( General Lighting Sevice) filament bulb is used for Street Lighting purpose. The efficiency of these bulbs is very low, it leads to nergy wastages. Considering this the Programme of Bright Street light at Grampanchayats areas is implemented to save energy by providing energy efficient street light fittings which has more efficiency in terms of lumens output (2,900 lumens for 36 W CFL) and more lifespan. Under this programme it is Proposed to install 5000 units in 2014-15


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