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Enterpreneurial Development Training Programme (EDTP)

Enterpreneurial Development TYarining Programme (EDTP) is a impoprtant programme implemnted by Directorate of Indudtries for up gradation of skill of the educated unemployed youth. The programme is implemented on the basis of enterpreneurship development with the required and expressed institutes, NGOs.

The programme is implemented in residential/ non residential mode. The details along with the facilities offered as below:

Enterpreneurship Introductory Programme (Udyojakta Parichay Karyakram) of 1 day- Non Residential.

This programmes aims to make awareness about the importance of Enterprenuership Development. Ion one day non residential programme give the general overview about the supporting agencies and the facilities that are being offered under EDTP.

Enterpreneurship Development Training Programme (12 days Residential)

This Programme consists of 12 days residential training programme, which includes free lodging and boarding facilities. This is a capacity builiding exercise with focus on attitudinal changes alongwith various informative workshops. There is a provision of expenditure of Rs. 4000/- per candidate for this 12 days residential programme.

EDP based Technical Training Programme (days ti 2 months Non-Residential

Thios programme aims to give advance practical based vocational training along with input of enterpreneurship development. The programme is no residential with a period of 15 days to maxmimum 2 months. In this programme various job oriented vocational batches are conducted as lockal level. The provision of expenditure is Rs.300/- per candidate per month includes Rs.1000/- as a stipend for the participant.

For Annual Plan 2013-14 an utlay of Rs.64.60 is sanctioned in TSP.

For Annual Plan 2014-15 an outlay pf Rs.49.42 lakhs is proposed .

This EDTP programme fis free of cost for the educated unemployed youts to make the competment for self employment as well as employment.

Seed Money Assistance to educated unemployed

The Scheme of seed Money Assistance to educated unemployed is being implemented since 1972-73.

The scheme is implemented as revised seed Seed Money Scheme by the District Industries Centre since 1993. The objective of the scheme is to encourage unemployed youths to start their own ventures. The scheme gives support by way ofsoft loan as seed money. Seed money assistance at 15% of the approved project cost is given. The eligible proposals are identified and recommended to banks by DICs. After confirming the viability bank, gives the sanction to the proposal. Based on the sanction of project from bank, seed money assistance is given to the applicant.

Scheme Details:

Eligible project cost: Rs.25lakhs

Seed money assistance @ 15% for general projects

Maximum seed money assistance : Rs.3.75 lakhs

Eligiblity Criteria:
Educated unemployed youth minimum 7th standard passed with residence of at least 15 years in Maharashtra.

Required Documents:
To get benefit of seed money scheme folloeing documents are required

For Annnual plan 2013-14 an outlay of Rs.39.85 lakhs is sanctioned in TSp.

For Annual Plan 2014-15 an outlay of Rs.43.30 lakhs is proposed for this scheme

District Industries Centre (DIC) Loan Scheme

The objective of the scheme is to provied financial assistance in the form of margin money for the promotion of small and tiny industries insemi-urban and rural areas. The scheme is implemented as District Plan Scheme and the funds are provided under General, Special Component Plan & Tribal Sub Plan.

Scheme Details:

Eligible project cost : Rs.2 lakhs

Margin money loan @ 20% for general beneficiary

Maximum loan : Rs.40000/-

Margin money loan @ 30% for SCP beneficiary

Maximum loan Rs.60,000/-

The rate if uinterest on this loan is 4% and repayment period is 7 years.

Requires Documents:
To get benefit of DIC Loan Scheme following documents are requires

For Annual Plan 2013-14 an outlay of Rs.12.86 lakhs is sanctioned in TSP.

For Annual Plan 2014-15 an outlay of Rs.13.95 lakhs is proposed.

Revised seed Money Scheme and District Industries Centre Loan scheme are proposed to be merged and to introduce “Integrated Seed Money Scheme”. Such proposal is submitted on 13/09/2012 to Government for approval.

  • Educational qualified documents
  • Employment card
  • lLocat residence proof
  • Social Category Certificate
  • Experience/ Technical Training Certificate
  • Machinery quotation
  • Documents related to place of business
  • Any other documents as per requirement of the activity.
    1. SSI Registration]
    2. Local residence proof
    3. Social Category Certificate
    4. Experience/ Technical Training Certificate.
    5. Machinery quotation
    6. Documents related to place of business.
    7. Any other documents as per requirement of the activity.

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