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Tribal areas are generally, inaccessible due to difficult terrain. Such areas are, therefore, deprived of timely and adequate health facilities. Also, in view of the low standard of living, backwardness, poor nutrition, illiteracy and worm infections etc. , tribals are prone to various diseases. The Government is, therefore, stepping up its efforts to extend and increase adequate and timely medical facilities to the tribal areas of the State alongwith other development activities.

In order to accelerate the health coverage in the T.S.P. (Tribal Sub Plan) area, the Govt. of India has relaxed the norms for establishing health institutions in tribal areas. The revised norms are as under :

Sr. No Institution Population Criteria
Non TSP Area TSP Area
1. Sub Centres (SCs) 5,000 3,000
2. Primary Health Centres (PHCs) 30,000 20,000
3. Community Health Centres (CHCs)
a) Govt. of India 1,20,000 80,000
b) State Government 1,50,000 1,00,000

In addition to the institutions, considering the local geographical situation, primary health units (Mini PHCs) and mobile health units have also been established in the hilly and difficult areas, where the population is scattered.

In the Tribal Sub Plan Areas, the health facilities, which are at present existing, are as follows: -

Sr.No. Item No,
i CHCs 67
ii PHCs 321
iii Primary Health Units Mini (PHCs) 100
iv Mobile Health Units 56
v SCs 2037

The main trust in the T.S.P. of 2014-15 would be on accelerating of the programme of construction of health institutions and executing on priority basis the programme of providing adequate health coverage to 1472 inaccessible villages in the tribal areas. The main schemes covered under the sector are as follows.

State Level Schemes :

  • Rajiv Gandh Jeevandayi, Aarogya Yojana :- An outlay of Rs.2000.00 lakh has been provided for the year 2014-15 for this Scheme in the Tribal sub Plan.
  • Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana—Medical aid to the persons from economically weaker section:- An outlay of Rs.200.00 lakh has been provided for the year 2014-15 for this Scheme in the Tribal sub Plan.
  • National Rural Health Mission and Grant-in-aid to State Health Society Centrally Sponsored Scheme:- An outlay of Rs.100.00 lakh has been provided for the year 2014-15 for this Scheme in the Tribal sub Plan.

District Level Schemes :

National Maleria Eradication Programme

This scheme is being implemented in the tribal areas as a District level scheme for which an outlay of Rs.1381.79 lakh has been provided for the year 2014-15.

Pulse Polio Immunisation Programme :

The Government Of India have decided to eradicate polio by 2005 A.D. Accordingly a massive Polio Immunisation compaign for all children in the 0 to 5 age group was undertaken in the State . The Government Of India have provided funds required for Polio vaccine and community education. However, the State Government has to bear the cost of materials and supplies, the training programme for local education etc. The compaign is being continued further for which an outlay of Rs.14.10 lakh has been provided in the year 2014-15.

Supply of Diet facilities to indoor tribal patients in Rural Hospitals and Primary Health Centres

It is experienced that because of non-availability of diet facilities in the Primary Health Centres and Rural hospitals in the tribal areas, patients admitted in these institutions, do not stay for even a day. These patients either have against medical advice or just run away without the knowledge of the institution in charge. A total outlay of Rs.621.84 lakh and 86.60 lakh has been provided for this purpose in Tribal Sub Plan of 2014-15.

The schemes sanctioned in 1997-98 for most vulnerable areas :

Under Melghat pattern in the five districts (1) Thane, (2) Nashik, (3) Nandurbar, (4) Amravati & (5) Gadchiroli.

Under Melghat pattern the following schemes of health development concern and nutrition concern are implemented in the five most vulnerable Tribal districts. But these schemes are implemented in all 15 tribal districts from 2003-2004.

These schemes are also implemented in the year 2014-15. For these schemes the following outlays are provided :-

Sr.No. Scheme Period District Outlay Provided in 2014-2015
1 Providing Special Health Services in sensetive tribal areas (including rescue camp scheme) for the whole year Total 15 tribal districts 2738.38
2 Dai's monthly meetings for the whole year --^-- 30.16
3 Increase in medicine grants to Rural Hospital --^-- 1669.21

Drishtidan Yojana : An outlay of Rs.535.75 lakh has been earmarked for this scheme for the year 2014-15. Under this scheme it is proposed to give spectacles free of cost to cataract operated patients.

(A) Primary Health Centres (PHCs) : The community health centre is the first level referral institution where the patients are referred from the Primary Health Centres under its jurisdiction for further referral services. Clinical services are also rendered by the Community Health Centre The functioning of Primary Health Centre provides referral and curative services to the community in the villages under its jurisdiction. The Community Health Centre is established either by upgradation of Primary Health Centre or taking over dispensaries run by Municipal councils or establish at a new location.

Sub Centres (SCs) :

In the tribal areas 2037 sub-centres have already been opened. As per the directives of the Government Of India emphasis is being given on creating infrastructure and health network. Most of these sub-centres are located in rented premises, building works of Sub-centres have been undertaken. The year 2014-15 an outlay of Rs.1006.24 lakh has been provided for construction of sub centers. For establishment of Sub-Centres an outlay of Rs.253.80 lakh has been provided for the year 2014-15.

Primary Health Centres/Sub Centres/Rural Hospitals :

In TSP Area the outlay is provided for Establishment of Primary Health Centres (PHCs), Sub Centres (SCs) and Rural Hospitals (RHs). As well as the outlay is also provided for strengthening of PHCs and for the construction of Health Institutions.

To establish the new Health Institutions. For this the exependiture is as follows :-

Sr.No. Item Rural Hospital Primary Health Centre Sub Centres
1 Recurring Expenditure 34.42 14.28 2.22
2 Non-recurring Expenditure 10.00 6.00 0.06
3 Capital Expenditure 165.00 85.00 5.00
Total 209.42 105.28 7.28
i.e. 210.00 106.00 8.00

The Capital expenditure is divided in three years for the establishment of New Health Institutions is as follows :-

Sr.No. Institution First Year Second Year Third Year
1 Rural Hospital 30.00 61.00 62.00
2 PHCs 12.00 25.00 25.00
3 Sub Centres 1.60 1.70 1.70

The Outlay provided for the year 2014-15

  • Establishment of Rural Hospital - Rs.576.00 lakhs
  • Establishment of Primary Health Centre (PHCs) - Rs.0.30 lakhs
  • Establishment of Sub Centres (SCs) - Rs.253.80 lakhs

An for the schemes of strengthening of Primary Health Centre Rs.420.62 lakhs has been provided and for the schemes of maintenance and repairs of sub centres, Rs.814.40 lakhs has been provided for the year 2014-15 in Tribal Sub Plan.

Medical Grants to Health Institutions :

The cost of medicines is now increased considerably and in the tribal areas, they are mainly, available in the medical stores at the taluka head quarters Also, the purchasing capacity of the tribal community is very poor. In view of this, it was necessary to increase the rates for supply of medicines to these institutions. Therefore, a total outlay of Rs.3091.73 lakh has been provided for increase in medicinal grants in the Tribal Sub Plan for the year 2014-15.

In Tribal Sub Plan there are increase in medical grants to Health institutions are as follows and the outlay provided in the year 2014-2015 for medical grants to Health institutions are as follows :- Table A

Sr. No. Institution Present Rate Revised Rate Increase in Rate Outlay for the 2014-2015 (Rs.in lakh)
1 Sub Centres 6000/- 8000/- 2000/- 534.91
2 PHCs 60000/- 80000/- 20000/- 887.61
3 Rural Hospitals 200000/- 300000/- 100000/- 1669.21
Total 3091.73

But there is no outlay for under the backlog of the schemes construction of Rural Hospital, Primary Health Centre and Sub centres as there is no backlog remain for the above district level schemes.

Thus a total outlay of Rs.23248.63 lakh for District Plan & total outlay of Rs.2500.00 lakh for State Plan has been provided in the Tribal Sub Plan of 2014-15 for this important sector.

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