शहरी विकास

The process of rapid urbanisation has led to certain basic problems in urban areas. Sufficient funds are, therefore, required to tackle such problems. There are 10 towns in the Tribal Sub Plan area. Financial assistance is given by the State Government to the Municipal Councils for implementation of their development plans, in the form of both grant-in-aid and loan for their approved projects as per the pattern prescribed for A, B, and C Class Municipal Councils, 100 percent grant-in-aid is given for their non-remunerative works. The approved projects in the Development Plans are as follows: -

  • Acquisition of land for various purposes.
  • Markets and Weekly Bazars
  • Schools and construction of roads.
  • Dispensaries and Hospitals.
  • Burial and cremation grounds, slaughter house.
  • Library
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Social Welfare Centres
  • Construction of Public
  • Latrines and Public Urinals.

Special attention is being paid to these tribal towns Thane, Nashik,Nanded, Amravati & Yavatmal are the following districts which has been provided the outlay of Rs.1085.50 lakhs for District Plan & outlay of Rs.600.00 lakhs for State Plan for the year 2014-15.

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